Air ducting is a very important part of your central air conditioning and heating system. Older ducting is poorly insulated and can leak up to 30% of your cool or heated air. We use R-6 or better insulated ducting which is 50% more efficient. Combined with our duct sealed fittings you will get the best results in greater air flow and conditioning.

We are one of the few air conditioning and heating companies with a C43 Sheet Metal License and a complete sheet metal shop. Weather Machines is able to custom build sheet metal fitting needed to complete the job without delay for better air flow.

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Do I need a title 24 on my home?

Yes, because you can have the same size home as your neighbor but they take a different size unit because of the direction they face and any upgrade like insulation, energy star glass, color of roof, etc. A title 24 will give you the correct heat gain and loss needed to properly size the house.

Should I have my ducts replaced or sealed?

Weather Machines has found it more efficient and less expensive to replace your ducting with new R-6 ducting with vapor barrier and 25′ length so there are less joints. This s compared to removing insulation and sealing, and reinsulating old ducting.

Should I replace my registers?

Weather Machines recommends directional air conditioning style registers that sends the air in the location needed and bigger return to keep your system quiet. You should replace the stamped steel unidirectional registers that are in most houses.

Do you use Duct Board for your Plinium or fitting?

Weather Machines does not use duct board because you get insulation in the air system.

Should I cover my condenser during the Winter?

Weather Machines does not recommend it because if you forget to uncover it before you turn it on you will damage your system. It is best to have your system checked out before summer to remove any debris, leaves, dirt, and to have the electrical checked to keep your unit safe and efficient.

Should I close off the registers to force air into other rooms?

Weather Machines does not recommend this. You can adjust them a little or close off 1 or 2 but after that you could ice up your coil or overheat your furnace and damage your system.

Do I need more than 1 register in my rooms?

It depends on the size of the room and heat/cooling load. We size our ducting to accommodate air flow needed.

What is a Seer?

Seer stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the seer rating the higher the efficiency.

What is a AFUE?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher the AFUE the higher the efficiency for gas furnaces.

Will you take care of our house?

Weather Machines will treat your house as it is their own. Weather Machines Techs use drop clothes and booties. Weather Machine Techs vaquim, sweep, and clean up in cluding material in attic and under house. “We sweep nothing under the rug!”

How can you tell how long a contractor has been in business?

The smaller the number, the longer that they have been in business.